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Drottning Silvias öppningstal på VSE

Som Brottsofferjouren Sveriges beskyddare öppningstalade drottning Silvia när Brottsofferjouren stod värd för Victim Support Europe. Temat ”Reaching out to victims” är en av drottningens hjärtefrågor.

”I am very touched and proud to open this conference with a theme that is so important and close to my heart - Reaching out to victims. The title emphasizes that it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to remove the barriers for victims of crime to seek help and to get justice and support.”

Drottning Silvia talade om offer för sexuella övergrepp, och om utsatta barn – en mycket sårbar grupp.

”As a patron for Victim support, Sweden I cannot stress enough how crucial your work is. When we treat a victim with respect and trust it can make an enormous difference for their recovery, for their access to justice and for their trust in the system in case they are victimized again.”

Läs H.M. Drottningens öppningstal i sin helhet


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